Advantages of Rustic Barn Wedding Venues

Getting married in a barn or on farmland provides a vacation-like ambiance that is truly unique and romantic. Many couples are embracing this trend and choosing rustic barn wedding venues.

A rustic barn venue offers excellent photo backdrops. Enhance your space with a lush floral arch for the ceremony, or create an Instagram-worthy vignette by placing a personalized wood place card at each table.


A barn wedding venue provides a beautiful backdrop for your special day. Its weathered wood and rustic charm perfectly encapsulate your aesthetic without relying on many fussy decorations.

You’re also likely to find a barn on acres of picturesque greenery. This makes a stunning backdrop for your first photos as newlyweds, and it’ll give your guests something to marvel at during cocktail hour.

Don’t be afraid to glam up a barn wedding venue with themed decor. For example, you can transform a collection of weathered ladders into an impromptu bar. Just be sure to mention this in your invitations! Otherwise, your guests might need clarification when they arrive at the space.


Barn wedding venues provide plenty of space to accommodate a variety of activities. Whether you’re hosting your ceremony, dinner, and dancing indoors or on the lawn, these large structures offer a versatile space to make your own.

A barn can accommodate your entire day in one location, so you can avoid the logistics of multiple venues and make it easier for guests to travel and park. Additionally, these locations can often host your photoshoot onsite.

Barns aren’t usually climate controlled, so it might get hot or cold if you marry in the summer or winter. In addition, some barns may have hay and dirt floors, so consider your guests with allergies. Stocking up on citronella candles and bug spray is a good idea to keep your guests comfortable and happy!


Barn wedding venues often have stunning scenic views as a backdrop for your photos. They also usually provide plenty of open space for a dance floor, DJ booth, buffet lines, and more, all in one area.

This flexibility gives you more creative freedom to design stationery, escort cards, and menus that work with your rustic wedding venue. For example, if your platform has twine and barnboard accents, you can incorporate these elements into your invitations and adornments.

Old Essex Barn, for instance, is a beautiful farm venue with scenic grounds with fountains, a waterfall, stone ruins, and garden arbors. You can even have your ceremony outside, by a picturesque ringlet of trees, or in a historic chapel on the property.


Many barn wedding venues have a relaxed aesthetic that matches your guests’ attire and can be carried through to your stationery, such as invitations, RSVP cards, and menus. Choosing the right design for these items can make them all tie together and give your event a cohesive look.

Depending on the location, some barns also have a house and rooms where you and your bridal party can get ready onsite. This can be convenient, especially if you want to avoid having to schedule multiple trips between locations, and it makes the day run smoother for everyone.

Ask the venue if they have bathrooms and enough space to accommodate your caterer’s needs to handle food. The last thing you want is to have a sick guest on your big day.


Rustic barn wedding venues offer a more affordable option than indoor options. They don’t have to worry about operating a full restaurant or hotel, so their sole focus is creating the perfect event for you.

Many venues also include onsite amenities like bathrooms, parking, and more. This saves you money on rentals and other fees that can add up quickly.

Additionally, rustic wedding venues allow brides to take a more hands-on approach to decor. This is ideal for those who love crafting and embracing trends such as mason jars, twinkle lights, and chalkboard signs. This allows couples to fully encapsulate the rustic chic aesthetic they want for their big day!