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Why  ban is impose to use lead or lead base paint in property

When you need to do a renovation work in your house then at first you need to choose the company who can do the work of renovation, repairing and painting in your house. When you choosing a company then before that it is very important for you to know about the EPA rules that they make for the construction services. As per this rule there are some rule and regulations under which these companies need to work. Not only rules but as per the guidelines construction or builder also need to make use of the right material only that is not harmful for the human health.

About the rule

As per the rule these companies didn’t make use of the lead or lead base paint in any commercial as well as residential place. This is because lead is neurotoxin that can prove to be dangerous for the health of person. It directly affects the brain and especially those people who are very sensitive such as children.

Lead is basically a mineral that is found in the water, rocks as well as soils. It may be natural but it still it is not safe. Lead can also use in many other different industries such as in cosmetics, in the manufacturing of ammunition and more.

As per the rule use of lead exposure basics use of lead base paints should be stopped immediately, if builder don’t follow the rule and ignore the rule then he face the heavy fine that they need to pay for  at most 3 years. It is also known that as per the rule building who built after 1978 can’t make use of the lead or lead base paint anymore. So, when you hire any company makes sure that they work as per the law and don’t breech it.

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