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What to Do When You Feel An Intense Cannabis High

We’ve all been there, the moment you realize “Wow. I’m too high!” Whether your high was due to your low tolerance level, a massive hit, or eating too many cannabis-infused edibles, there are some things you can do. By following the tips below you can successfully come down from your high and feel comfortable again.

Try Not To Panic

Overdoing it on marijuana is not like overdosing on alcohol. You’re not going to die, you’re just going to feel a little off for a while. It may only last a few seconds or it may last a few hours, either way, you’re going to live through it. At least you will know from now on what consumption level is too much for your body to take.

Stay Hydrated

Being too high can result in dry mouth. You can combat this symptom by simply drinking some juice or water. Ensure your drinks are non-caffeinated. Don’t consume alcohol when you are too high as this could increase THC levels, making the high feel even more extreme than it already does.

Black Pepper

This is not a medically proven remedy, however, many cannabis consumers stand by it. When your high is making you over anxious or paranoid, try sniffing ground pepper or chew on some black peppercorns. This is said to provide almost instant relief from the adverse reactions to a cannabis high.

Try Deep Breathing And Rest

Try to focus on breathing deeply through your abdomen. This will allow your concentration to drift off to get you centered from anxiety. When you breathe deeply it can help you to feel tired. This is good. See if you can get yourself to fall asleep. It can be a relief to just sleep off your high as compared to being awake for it.

Take A Stroll

If you can’t calm yourself down with some deep breathing, try going for a walk. The physical activity, fresh air, and change of scenery can allow your focus to drift away from your high. Most cannabis consumers either are too anxious or too-lightheaded. If your anxious, walking is a perfect remedy. If you are light-headed, we don’t suggest walking, rather, try to relax and lay down.

Distract Yourself

Try cleaning out your bong. Give your mind something else to do than wonder about your high and your body. You can research new bongs to try at Basically, any activity you can do to get your attention away from your high-state is recommended.

Take A Shower

Taking a shower can give you something to do and it will work to relax your body. Cool out in the water and let it soothe your skin until your tension from being too high slowly fades away. You can even take a bath if you want to.

Realize that we all have had moments where we did a little bit too much smoking. This happens and knowing what to do to come down from your too high state is important.

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