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What is malware?

Malware and the applications that can remove it

The term malware and malicious software are quite the same because the term malware is the contraction of malicious software. This is software that was solely written with the intention to do harm to data, devices and also to people. All these viruses, Trojan, Spyware are different kinds of malware that we are aware of.

The image of a rebel hacker and his testing skills and wits against whatever system he has decided to make his challenge is known by all. These days, the black hat software developers are often known to sell their skills to the highest bidder. Read this article to know the different apps for malware protection.

These bidders can be several criminal organizations who are looking for tools that will help them to operate in the digital world or any other government agencies so that they can access the data that are locked away in the computers, networks and also mobile devices that are targeted by them.

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The work of malware

Every malware has different way of damaging a device and according to the way it damages a device will reveal on which categories the malware falls under. The various types of malware that are there are listed below:-


The virus acts by getting themselves attached to clean files and then damaging other clean files. The way they spread cannot be controlled and they are capable of damaging the core of a system and its functionality. They can delete or corrupt files and they generally appear as an executable file.


This kind of malware hides itself as legitimate software. It is also included in legitimate software that can or has been tampered with. This Trojans acts in a discrete manner and they can even create backdoors to let other malware effect your security.


As the name suggest, the Spyware malware is designed to spy on you. This hides in the background and quietly watches as you work online and it keeps notes of everything that you do online including your password, credit card numbers, surfing habits and many more.


This malware which is known as warm affects your entire devices including both local or across the Internet. They do this by using network interfaces. Each consecutive infected machines used by worms to infect the other one.

Ransom ware

These are also known as scare ware and they can lock down your device and even threaten you to erase everything on your device. They even ask for ransom to stop their activities.


There are certain advertising software that can harm your security so that they can serve add that will allow the entry of other malware.


These are the networks of infected computers that are made to work together under the control of an attacker.

The best possible way to remove malware

There are several malware which have different infections and there is much software to remove them.

  • Avast Antivirus 9.0
  • AVG Antivirus free 2014
  • Avira free antivirus
  • Bit defender Internet security 2014
  • ESET smart security 7
  • Kaspersky Internet security
  • Malware bytes anti malware essentials

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