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Various Types of Balloons and their Differences

There are many different types of balloons on the market, and each one has a time and place for them to be used. Everybody has used balloons before for parties or other scenarios, but very few people pay attention to the type of balloons they are using or whether there is a better option on the market for their particular application. Sometimes people are using balloons that are way too expensive and over-built for their purposes, and other times they can benefit from buying a more durable product. Below, I will discuss the different types of balloons on the market and what their best applications are for real world usage.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are by far the most common type that you will see on the market. If you have ever had a water balloon fight when you were a kid, latex balloons are more than likely what you were using. If you have ever bought a balloon filled with helium at your local fair or carnival, chances are it was a latex balloon. Because they are so common, most people think of latex balloons as the traditional type. There are many benefits to using this type of balloon because they are very inexpensive, easy to find at most stores, and are fairly versatile. However, latex balloons are not very durable and are intended for only brief periods of being inflated, such one or two days, before they begin to lose air and eventually deflate entirely.

Light-Up Balloons

There are several variations of the standard latex balloon, but the only type that I find are worth mentioning are the ones with LED lights built-in. Often referred to as light-up LED balloons or LED balloons, they are very similar in construction to regular latex balloons other than the lighting that is built-in. However, this simple LED makes a huge difference for what type of applications they work for because they are better suited for use at night. For nighttime parties or activities like going to a local outdoor fireworks show, light-up balloons are a great choice because they are highly visible to everyone nearby. To compliment your light-up balloons, consider adding items from this company that sells LED sparklers and foam sticks to make the experience more complete. Kids absolutely love them, but you’ll be surprised how much the adults appreciate them as well.

Mylar Balloons

Mylar balloons are the best choice if you want something that will hold helium for over a week. Additionally, Mylar balloons offer a much better surface for printing full color graphics, logos, or text because the material allows for better adhesion of the inks. You can usually detect that a balloon is made from Mylar because of the shining silver color of the material from which they are made. Mylar balloons are by far the most durable option on the market, so they are appropriate for use if you want something that will last or needs to have a printed message or graphic.

No matter which type of balloons you choose, they will be an excellent addition to any party of gathering. My personal favorite is the LED balloons, but each of the different types of balloons has a purpose depending on your particular needs.

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