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Varicose Veins and Tired Legs

Many people are affected by varicose veins and are equally annoyed by their appearance on their body. Varicose veins are visually displeasing and can make people very self conscious of their legs. If you have big twisted veins on your legs they are likely varicose veins.

A lot of people also complain about their legs always feeling tired. Tired legs are described as aching legs that feel heavy and difficult to maneuver. If you feel exhausted before you even really do anything it could be that you are suffering from tired legs.

Most people do not realize that varicose veins and tired legs go hand in hand. In fact, most people who suffer from varicose veins also complain of having tired legs. It comes as no surprise to doctors that these two things coincide and they say there is a scientific reason behind the correlation.

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The connection

Varicose veins are twisted veins that expand and are very noticeable on the outside layers of people bodies. Most often varicose veins are found in the lower leg area near the calf. The veins twist and turn and become very large. The blood inside of the veins begins to pool because of the twists in the vein.

When the blood pools inside of the veins it becomes hard for the blood to flow like it should through your lower legs. People with varicose veins also have poor valves in their veins. The valves do not work as they should and keep the blood from entering and exiting.

When the blood becomes pooled inside of the veins the oxygen that is carried inside of the veins by the blood also becomes trapped in the twisted veins. Oxygen is carried throughout your body in your blood and through your veins. Oxygen provides your body with energy and stamina. If you are not getting the oxygen that your body needs you are going to start to feel tired.

People with varicose veins do not get enough oxygen to their lower legs and they soon start to feel like their legs are very tired. In fact, their legs are very tired and it is not something they are making up.

Luckily, there are many different options available for treating varicose veins. Vein specialists have come up with non-invasive treatments for treating varicose veins. You do not have to be concerned about having your veins treated because the procedure is very simple and you will not have a long or hard recovery time. Doctors can treat your varicose veins and make them much less significant and get the blood in your lower legs flowing much better.


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