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Types of modern spells

Spell casting is the same as magic; people who practice it are called spell casters, magicians, psychics, spiritual workers or witches. The modern spell casting is influenced by many types of magic, such as voodoo, Wiccan, white and black magics. Each spell caster could practice only one type of magic. Nowadays, there are many esoteric books of spells, which include the magic history, rituals and spells.The magic spells are, maybe, the most common ritual that the spell casters do. According to the purpose, the spells are divided in protection, healing, money, love, break -up love spells and black magic spells. Let’s see how each one of them works.

So, the first spell we are going to talk about is the protection spell that is mostly used for protect yourself and your family from bad influences. It includes magic tools, such as protection talismans, amulets and crystals (rose quartz, tiger eye etc). You could easily use the sea salt as a protection inside of your house (it’s believed to absorb all the negative energy), but putting it in a small cups in every corner of your room. During the day, if you deal with toxic people, take a hot bath with the sea salt (1/2 of salt to 2 liters of water). It would take away all the negative energy from your body and would also help you to relax. The protection spell could be put by a professional spell caster or by yourself (but only if you have enough knowledge).

The healing spells are not so popular and are used in case you want to heal yourself or your close ones from a disease. These spells never replace the doctor; they only make you feel better in a spiritual sense. The healing spells are usually divided into two categories – self-healing and healing others.

Love spells are the most required spells in the spell casting. There are varieties of them, but most people use them to attract the person they like. A typical love spell includes magical tools, such as candles, crystals and magic stones. Some of them are very easy to perform and another required a professional help. A spell can be put to attract a certain person or to break-up a couple (depends whereas it’s white or black magic).

In Germany and Austria, there are spell casting services such as that provide you a specific service to retrieve a lost lover through a more spiritual approach. This service is designated “ Partnerrückführung “ which is a service that helps with correcting past love relationships and to safely help with relationship issues so that the partner may return into a healthy relationship.

Money or wealth spells are used to attract more money into your life, by giving you a new job opportunity or a chance to start a business. Always remember that putting a spell is not enough – you should work on your goal and have a positive mindset. After you performed a money spell, don’t be obsessed with it, try to live you life as usual and have in mind that only a hard work could bring your desired results.

Black magic spells are used for bad purposes and outcomessuch as putting curses, hexes and also include break-up love spells. This type of magic is very dangerous to perform, so before putting a black spell on someone, think twice, because the spell could backfire on you. The advantage of a black magic – it could give you what you want and the disadvantage of it – you could never return a spell back.

The prayers are also used as a substitute of spells and are mostly performed by spiritual workers. A prayer is usually a simple verse or a small text devoted to a divine power – God. You could find many prayers in a religious books and the Bible. A simple prayer has three parts – the greeting (“Dear God” or “Dear Lord”), a main body and a final verse (“Amen”).

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