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Things to Do Around Lake Mead

One of the most popular vacation spots, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the U.S and a host to various recreational spots. It is located on the Colorado River and formed by the Hoover Dam. Before the emergence of the Lake Mead, the place with its enormously hot weather was declared unfit for habitation. However, the place, in current times, has become of the most popular vacation spots with millions of people turning out to explore the beauty of this place annually. Let’s have a look at the things you can do around Lake Mead and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Fun-Filled Activities

Lake Mead provides the visitors the opportunity to indulge in various fun-filled and adventurous activities for recreational purposes. The place has something to offer for everyone. From the exciting water sports to simply relaxing on the beach; you can pass some quality time whichever you want. The place is especially popular for activities such as hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, kayaking etc.

Save Lake Mead

Goldstrike Hot Springs

Goldstrike Hot Springs is the ideal spot for hikers. The hikers, along with the pathway, can explore and enjoy various major attractions of the city including the series of hot springs, hot pools, and the Colorado River.

Railroad Tunnels Trail

One of the most popular hiking trails of the Lake Mead and one of the major reasons for its popularity, Railroad tunnels trail make for an exciting way to explore the astonishing beauty of the area. The 3.7 miles, relatively flat, the trail starts near Boulder Beach and finishes near the Parking Garage of Hoover Dam. The trail takes the tourists through the five mountain passes and helps the tourists to explore the beauty of the area to the fullest.

Mystic Falls Park Atrium

The Mystic Falls Park Atrium that is built inside the Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, located on the Boulder Highway between The Last Vegas strip and Lake Mead is a must-visit for every tourist. It offers a manmade setting that is captivating individuals of every age. A special effect show, displaying the plains and mountains of the western U.S, is presented four times a day for the visitors. The park is the ideal place for the visitors to relax around and entertain them with a drink or two.

Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Boulder Beach

With two miles of sandy coastlines and campgrounds, Boulder Beach is the best place for the tourists to enjoy various water activities. You can get the boats for rent to take the round of the lake and enjoy its attractions.

Lake Mead, with all the attractions and picturesque visuals, has become one of the favorite holiday spots for the tourists. The climate is perfect for the various activities to be enjoyed by the tourists and making some great memories with their friends and families.

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