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The Top Four Ways to Save Fuel in Your HGV

Fuel efficiency is quickly becoming one of the most significant factors in modern road transport. Even in the age of electric cars and hyper-efficient engines, fuel is the first concern for professional drivers. The fuel prices are increasing in price and unless your business has decided to equip your HGV with the most recent aerodynamic kit, the fuel efficiency of the journey is based on the driver. This month, we will discuss the top tips to increase fuel efficiency and save money during this procedure.

1. Mastering Block Changing

Block changing gears is one of those habitual acts that a person does without thinking about; however, we don’t do it nearly enough times as we should. Block changing gears is essentially the practice of missing the gears that are not relevant to the speed being travelled. This means that instead of working linearly up or down the gears, the driver will skip or miss gears and head to the gear required. For example, you would skip from the second to the fourth gear or down from the fifth to the third gear.

Research has indicated that drivers who engage in block gear changing, particularly when moving up gears, will save money on fuel than drivers who change gears linearly. This is due to the fact that the engine is not working through unnecessary gears when driving. Therefore, the driver will reduce revs and save money on fuel. It also means that your hands will spend more time on the steering wheel and not the gearstick – an advantage for safety requirements.

2. Hitting Cruise Control

The majority of modern automobiles will present with cruise control capabilities built into the vehicle, meaning there is no excuse not to use it. Cruise control is beneficial because it keeps the vehicle at a constant speed, reducing unnecessary revs, braking and acceleration. Each time you push the accelerator, you will use more fuel through the fluctuations in the movement of your foot. Over a long journey, a lack of acceleration by using cruise control can increase the amount of fuel being saved.

3. Harnessing Resistance

Resistance is an issue that all drivers will encounter. Furthermore, the larger the vehicle, the more resistance that will be encountered. If you are carrying heavy loads over long distances, the resistance from the air, gradient and rolling resistance will result in greater fuel usage to propel the HGV forward.

This can be a difficult act to combat as few changes can reduce the effect of the resistance. One act is to choose a less hilly route because this will reduce the resistance gradient. Investing in a set of low-rolling-resistance tyres for the HGV can be beneficial; as is keeping the tyres inflated continuously. The special tyres can contribute to a fuel savings of approximately 6%.

4. Not Standing Idle

It is a tempting for a person to leave their engine standing idle during the winter months so that the heater can remain on as you take a short break. Of course, each minute spent idling will increase the amount of money spent on the car. Studies have indicated that fuel consumption is outstanding among vehicles with idling engines; for example, a basic 420HP engine will consume fuel at a rate of approximately two litres per hour when idling.

HGV drivers can consider several issues to improve fuel efficiency, but the majority of these drivers think are expensive and time-consuming tasks. Using the simple tips noted above will assist in saving money on fuel on long-haul journeys. The minor changes to your driving style can save money on fuel consumption instead of spending large amounts of money on building aerodynamic structures.

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