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The Milwaukee Bucks- Celebrations Take Off At the New Milwaukee Arena

The Milwaukee Bucks is one of the most famous and popular NBA teams in the USA and it recently held the popular topping off ceremony at the new sports and entertainment venue that is located at The Milwaukee Tool Construction Site. Fans are looking forward to the team getting this new venue that is scheduled to be operational in 2018. Ardent fans of The Milwaukee Bucks like Sandy Petrocelli in the USA are looking forward to this new center. The topping off celebrations is a tradition that is held when the last beam, the ceremonial beam or the highest beam is placed on the top of a structure during the construction. Prominent personalities and dignitaries of Milwaukee attended this ceremony along with over 700 construction workers who are working together to create one of the most stunning sports and entertainment complexes in the area.

New sports and entertainment center for The Milwaukee Bucks

This center is going to be one of the best when it comes to sports and entertainment in Milwaukee. Some of the best craftsmen and workers have been employed here. There is still a lot of work to be done and the team along with everyone associated with the construction is celebrating this joyous moment. The venue has maintained the highest levels of security and safety. The workers are dedicated and enthusiastic in building this center. Efforts are being earnestly made to keep the project on a time schedule and budget. This facility is surely going to be a landmark when it comes to the history of The Milwaukee Bucks. The team plays at the popular center The Bradley Center located in the area of downtown Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin, USA. This center has about 50 employees that are employed full-time and 700 employees that work part-time.

New venue for the 2018-2019 seasons

When it comes to this new arena for The Milwaukee Bucks, it is about 55% complete. Work is going on rigorously and it is on track to be opened in 2018. Besides being the playing ground for the Milwaukee Bucks, it will also be a major venue for concerts and other family shows. The basketball team of The Marquette men will also use this venue once it is inaugurated for games and tournaments. Both the Milwaukee Bucks and the Marquette Men Basketball team are to play their 2018-2019 seasons here in the new arena.

When it comes to the origins and the history of The Milwaukee Bucks, Sandy Petrocelli says that the team started playing in 1968. They are part of the NBA and play as a member club of The Eastern Conference Central Division. It was created as an expansion team and the home games are now played at The Bradley Center. Both the Milwaukee Bucks and the Marquette Men’s Basketball Team play here today. The other notable teams of Milwaukee that play or have played here are The Milwaukee Wave, The original Milwaukee Mustangs and the Milwaukee Admirals. They have played here from 1988 to 2016.

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