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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney

If you were injured at work and denied compensation benefits, you can benefit from having a workers compensation attorney on your side. They will be able to take you through the judicial process of ensuring you get the necessary compensation you need for your injuries. But, before you hire any phoenix workers compensation attorneys there are a few questions that you should ask to verify that they are the best fit for your needs.

How Many Of Their Cases Are Based Around Workers Compensation?

Just as you don’t want to go to your general physician for heart surgery, you don’t want to go to a general practice attorney for your workers’ compensation claim. Ensure the company you are thinking about hiring solely works on cases in this specific sector of the law.

A lawyer that works solely in one area of practice gains more experience in that area. They know about law updates and major case settlements that can help to prove your case. They have the knowledge that is irreplaceable when it comes to formulating the best case possible.

Will The Attorney Talking To You Be Representing Your Case?

It’s a tendency of the larger law firms to have introductory consultations performed by their staff. In these cases, the staff will pass on their initial findings with the lawyer who will actually be representing your case in court. If you are not meeting with the individual lawyer who will be fighting your case, ask to meet them. You want to know who will be talking with the judge and going to court to help with your case.

What Strategy Do They Intend To Use To Fight Your Case?

In most cases, the initial consultation with a lawyer is completely free. This gives them a chance to review your case and ensure they are able to represent you. By sharing the details of your workers’ compensation claim and injury the firm should be able to formulate a plan for representing you.

Ask what their intentions are for fighting your case. Based off of past experience with the type of case or handling the same employer for multiple claims, a lawyer may have a couple different approaches. They may have a bold approach that is very aggressive or they may have a lighter approach to working with the employer to reach a settlement. You should know what they intend to do before you hire them so you can be in agreement and avoid issues later down the road.

How Many Years Have They Been Representing Clients In This Area? 

While a workers’ compensation lawyer may boast their 25 plus years of experience, this claims doesn’t always mean they practiced in one area. For example, some may practice divorce lawyer for 22 years and only workers’ compensation law for 3 years. Ask your potential lawyer what their years of experience are for operating in the workers’ compensation sector of the law. You want to ensure the representative you hire has the experience to win your case.

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