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Professional Auditing for Catering

If you find yourself quaking at the thought of the Food Standards Agency/local authority or EHO visits then there is a proactive way to achieve excellence and implement any necessary changes long before health and safety auditing and food safety checks from officials.

Hiring professional food safety and health and safety auditors is arguably one of the wisest investments that you can make in relation to welfare and best practices enforcement, except for training.

Companies including Food Alert offer training and have industry trained and experienced professionals who can assess the team members levels of proficiency, adherence to legislation and identify gaps in knowledge and procedures, risks and controls.

When your official audits take place, you won’t feel compelled to fear the findings. Think of hiring professional food safety and health and safety auditors as insurance. Better that they alert you to a point which needs to be addressed than an issue remains outstanding until the FSA/EHO audit which may be a year or more in the future, or an incident occurs.

A third party, impartial service

Please don’t be tempted to tidy up records or put employees on their best behaviour from the visit’s booking day to the health and safety or food safety auditor’s arrival. This won’t offer an accurate reflection and is counterproductive to progress.

Among the plethora of calls on management, owner and supervisors time, an audit tends to slip down the list of in-house task priorities and there can be a conflict of interest.

The food business is yours to be proud of but this may mean that there is a willingness to be indulgent, ignore lapses to keep the peace in the workplace or an assumption that every employee, having received induction health and safety training, should be operating at the highest level.

Whilst no one likes to be told of a problem with their enterprise, the impartiality of third party health and safety auditors and their unerring commitment to the law means that they don’t suffer the emotional pitfalls of the business’ management. They’ll deliver the information from the food safety or health and safety auditing trip and then it’s the management and/or owner who must act on their findings. When implementation of best practices occurs, there’s no reason to be intimidated during the official visit.

“They always find something wrong…”

Only because it is wrong. During a visit, you may want to assume that food safety auditors and health and safety auditing teams will find something, anything. on purpose but they should be fair and explain their fact-based decisions.

The professional food safety auditors may suggest an online management tool to help day to day operations. Food Alert’s system is called FACT and makes the inherent demands of recordkeeping and enforcement simpler.

Initiate your own health and safety auditing and enjoy peace of mind. Please don’t allow ignorance to be your default setting, that won’t pass a food safety or health and safety audit.

Please call in professional assistance from trained auditors.

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