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Predicting The Good Events For Mankind!

There are some men born in this world that have the ability to predict events in this world. They are gifted with the grace of God. Since time immemorial, prophecies have come true and this proves that there is some supernatural force that tries to communicate the world about the events to take place. Those who trust God do welcome such prophecies. A section of the society might not be willing to look into the future and check what is to take place. They may refute the prophecy and claim that rumors are just being spread to create panic. Well, people may have various reasons for accepting or rejecting prophecies but strangely some do come true!

Prophet TB Joshua is the head pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN. The prophet is known for his kindness and affection towards the poor and the needy. He has been known to help poor people set up their life so that they effectively can earn a decent living. He says that it is important to give the poor and the underprivileged love so that they feel wanted in society. With the aid of love and compassion, these people can bounce back to life easily. He also  says that it is important for people to stop hating and trust God who brings abundance and joy to those who believe He is there to protect them.

World Famous Prophet And His Predictions

TB Joshua is known for some of the world famous prophecies he has made recently. He was the one who predicted the exit of Britain from the European Union in 2011. He says that though he predicts world events there are many people who wrongly associate him with events that he has not predicted. There were reports on social media recently, in the markets and bus stations stating that he had prophesized that the opposition party UPND would form the government after the elections this week. However, these reports are not true.

Reports from The Church Newspaper say that the prophet did not make any predictions about the elections in Zambia at all.  The PR here said that the Prophet receives prophecies and publishes them on the website of SCOAN. The sources also suggest there are some people that spread rumors that the Prophet has made these prophecies. This is not true. There are a section of people who are not followers of the Church and they intend to accuse the Prophet and give him a bad repute. However, every man of God is attacked and so The Church has nothing to say to the people that spread rumors.

Prophet TB Joshua has wished Zambia well in the forthcoming general elections. He says that may the people carefully choose their leader well during the election phase. The prophet and his followers are also praying for the nation so that the elections go well. The team at SCOAN say that Zambia is a blessed nation and they are praying for the well-being of its people. He had made a prophecy in 2015 in the Presidential by-elections and predicted the victory of the ruling party.

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