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Pipe Smoking VS. Cigarettes

Smoking is definitely one of those few little pleasures in life that get better and better once you get to experience different nuances of it. The strain you are using makes an impact on the flavor, and the whole dynamics and the effects, but even the “smoking medium” matters. Cigarettes or Pipe? What is the choice of the real connoisseur?

In order to get the best results, it is important to understand that by design, water pipes or bongs are simply better designed tools in order to preserve the natural properties of weed as well as maintain a smoother character. Moreover, because of the way the smoke is created, the side effects on your health will be significantly less worrisome than the ones you would experience with a cigarette.

When compared to a joint, a pipe also packs a lot more punch. While the former might sound like a more intense experience at first, it is also important to notice how through a pipe, it is actually easier to inhale more and therefore, experience a bigger hit that has a much more gradual and balanced impact. Another benefit of smoking through a pipe? Definitely losing that burned feel that you get with most joints…since the smoke is filtered through water, the temperature is lower and it simply makes for a better way to burn your herb!

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