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Nickel plant shut down in Russia to protect the environment

With continuous increase in population and industrial regions, pollution is increasing day by day because of which it is having adverse effect on living beings and environment. So, in order to solve out this problem many companies in Russia is planning to shut down their plant. There are number of companies who are in support of this major and life changing step. One of these companies is Nornickel, this famous company deal in nickel and palladium and is situated in the beautiful valley of Norilsk which is in Russia.

A step taken by Nornickel

Nornickel is one of the most famous companies and is the largest producer of nickel, as soon as the company knew that due to their industrial waste and pollution environment is suffering they decided to shut down. In fact, because of this they sign up a deal of USD 1.7 billion with SNC lavalin. And not only this, company is also suggesting many other industrial units to shut their plants so that the pollution can be controlled and can be minimized.

Collaboration with Global Compact

For saving the life of Norilsk people, company decides to come in collaboration with Global Compact which helps in maintaining the environmental balance. In fact, this company also works for the betterment of labor, human rights and for other industrial practices. Nornickel was so concerned for the Norilsk live people that along with plant shut down, they also did many other things that help in improving their life.

With the major shut down of the plant many positive results were seen that help in getting fresh air to breathe in. Along with this many other positive things were to be seen and it is estimated that in the coming time the emission of Sulphur Dioxide will reduce to 15% to 30% within city and polar region of Norilsk.  In fact, for this purpose non emission plants were also planned to be installed.

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