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Labour Relations Process & RAND

If the GWC Valves International company wants to have their employees unionized, this may not be the best or worst decision for them but the process is long. The process of joining a union includes first, seek collective representation, second, organizing campaign begins, third, official recognition 50% + 1, fourth, collective agreement, then final step is the day-to-day contract administration begins.

RAND is a known term which means that if you become an employee of a company that is already unionized, you automatically will become unionized within a few months of working there whether you agree with this or not. There are usually different unions for example at a school there is one union for the teachers, and a separate one for the faculty staff. Once a collective agreement gets signed, let’s say it was signed in 2016, you are not allowed to strike until 2021 and if you don’t listen to this rule then you will get fired and even thrown in jail. You are legally not allowed to have strikes until the collective agreement has expired.

When it comes to the Right to Strike, not every employee can choose to go on strike especially if you are an essential service such as a Police Officer or a Firefighter. When you are working for an Essential Service, these employees can join a union and when the collective agreement expires, they are still legally not allowed to go on strike and not attend their job. The reason they are not allowed to strike is for safety purposes since sometime in the 80’s, Police Officers went on strike and refused to go to work and there were mobs of people who smashed windows and drove fast etc. This was the first time in history where there were no essential services and therefore the government then passed the Essential Services Act.

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