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If you love English you must like these English songs

Songs are the best thing along with you can pass your time as they provide eternal peace and makes your body feel relax. If you like listening songs then you must listen the most popular English songs of all time as they are directed and produced by the best the producers and directors. The most important thing to see in these songs is the choreography as it is done wonderfully without a single mistake. These songs also have the best quality photography.

List of top songs of the year 2016-17

Although there are many popular songs that become hit but out of them all following are the most popular English songs 2017.

1-I took a pill in Ibiza: This song is sung by the famous singer Mike posner. It was the album song of mike and it was written, composed and produced by the Mike itself.

2-Hands to myself: This beautiful song was sung by Selena Gomez and it belongs to dance pop genre. It was written by Justin Tranter and Jhulia Michaels and the producers of this song are Mattman & Robin and Max Martin. This song was influenced by the music of Prince.

3-Sorry: This exotic song was sung by the all-time favorite Justin Beiber. This song was recorded for his fourth studio album. It was written by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Sonny Moore, Michael Tucker and Beiber. It was produced by Blood and Skrillex. It belongs to dancehall pop genre.

4-Fake: The song fake was sing by Love Drake. This song was not the album song and it was released from upcoming playlist of Drake More Life. The song was produced by Frank Dukes and Vinylz. The genre of this song is R&B. This beautiful song was written by Brittney Hazzards, Anderson Hernandez, Adam Feeney and Aubrey Graham. It was released through Young Money Entertainments, Cash Money Records and Motown Records.

5-Just like fire: This song was recorded by Pink. It belongs to Pop Rock genre. This song was written by Pink with other co-writers namely Max Martin, Shellback and Oscar Holter. They were the producers also for the song. It was labeled by Walt Disney and RCA and it belongs to Pop rock genre.

6-Cake by ocean: The song cake by ocean was the debut song of American Band DNCE. This song was labeled by republics. It belongs to Disco funk genre. The writers of this awesome song are Joe Jonas, Justin Tranter, Robin Fredriksson and Mattias Larsson. It was produced by Mattman & Robin.

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