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Hydroponics FAQs

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in either sand, gravel or liquid using nutrient solutions and eliminating the need for soil. Hydro is Latin for water and Ponos means labour or work. When growing plants using hydroponics plants are able to get their liquid feed delivered directly to their roots and also receive oxygen faster and great, allowing for better growing results all round.

Why is hydroponic gardening better than soil gardening?

 Hydroponic gardening is greater than soil based gardening for many different reasons, just a few of these reasons include:

  • More plants can be grown in the same amount of space
  • Roots don’t have to search for nutrients, instead they get them delivered straight to their roots
  • Plants can grow in shorter time frames when grown hydroponically and can also grow larger
  • Hydroponic gardening isn’t as strenuous as traditional gardening and does not require as much labour
  • Hydroponic gardening can be completed indoors, therefore is an option for all

Can hydroponics gardening be completed outdoors?

Hydroponic gardening can take place outdoors; however this can be more difficult than conducting hydroponics indoors. One of the challenges that people face when growing hydroponically outdoors for example includes struggling to keep nutrient solutions at appropriate temperatures.

Can I grow organically using hydroponics?

Of course you can. There’s a plethora of organic hydroponic nutrients available for people to take advantage of when growing using hydroponics equipment. Many of these nutrients can be purchased here:

Can all plants be grown hydroponically?

The majority of plants can be grown suing hydroponics, although some plants are much easier to grow in this way than others. Bulb plants are advised for hydroponic growing, and most seed based plants grow well in this way also. Also ask with your seed/bulb supplier before purchasing to make sure.

Can you grow different plants in one hydroponic system?

You can grow multiple different plants in one hydroponics system, however it is important that you grow plants in which require similar conditions. Make sure that the plants that you put in your set-up need the same amounts of light, nutrients, heat and more.

These are only some of the hydroponics FAQs too! If you have any alternative questions that we have not covered, we recommend speaking to your local hydroponics provider who should be more than happy to assist you. There are also a large range of articles and blogs posts online for people to take advantage of.

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