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How to Tell If You Have a Nickel Allergy and What to Do

Wearing jewelry is a wonderful experience and can help to complete just about any outfit. You might assume that buying cheaper and less expensive jewelry is worth it because you’re saving money, but you might soon realize that the items you’ve purchased give you an allergic reaction. Nickel allergies are a lot different from other types of allergic reactions because they are skin-based. Rarely will someone with this type of allergy experience more serious side effects like shock and respiratory issues. However, just because the allergy is skin-based doesn’t mean it’s any less problematic.

What is a Nickel Allergy?

A nickel allergy is when you are allergic to the nickel found in jewelry. A lot of cheaper factory-made jewelry contains nickel because it is an inexpensive metal to use to produce the item. While not everyone has an allergy to this metal, it’s safe to say that about half of all people wearing these items will experience some type of sensitivity. The allergy is most commonly found in earrings because the metal is going through an actual puncture wound in the skin, as compared to a necklace that just lays over your neck.

How to Tell If You Have One?

It’s pretty easy to tell if you have a nickel allergy and it’s also simple to tell if your jewelry is made using this cheap metal. One of the tell-tale signs of a nickel allergy is itching and redness. If you put in a pair of earrings and an hour later they’re itching like mad and are red and irritated, you’re wearing cheap jewelry and are experiencing an allergic reaction to its nickel. Some other side effects of a nickel allergy include swelling, dry patches around the area where the jewelry is being worn and blistering in more severe cases. In general, if you put in a pair of earrings or wear some type of jewelry and it’s irritating your skin, you have a nickel allergy.

What to Do About It

In order to prevent an allergic reaction altogether, you’ll need to wear better quality jewelry. You can visit to see a full list of jewelry items that don’t contain nickel. It’s a good idea to look specifically for items that are nickel-free instead of just assuming that you’re buying a better quality product. Even some of the more expensive items on the market contain nickel and can cause a reaction in those sensitive to it.

Wearing jewelry shouldn’t have to hurt and it’s often a better idea to buy more expensive items or pieces that are specifically nickel-free than taking the cheap route and having a problem. After all, if your earrings are constantly irritating your skin, you’re less likely to wear them anyway, so why bother purchasing them in the first place just because they’re saving you money? Nickel-free jewelry doesn’t look any different than other types because all it is missing is the cheap, inexpensive metal that you’ll commonly find in the marketplace.

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