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How to get JetPrivilege membership and enjoy its rewards

If you are someone travelling very often, the JetPrivilege rewards can help you enjoy award flights to most of your desired destinations. All you need to do is accumulate the JPMiles you earn and redeem them for the award flight.

Carved out from Jet Airways in 2014, Jet Privilege Private Limited is a rewards and loyalty management company that aims at managing and further developing the Jet Privilege programme, which is now one of the most trusted service brands in the world. In just 23 years, the programme has earned the recognition of being an internationally acclaimed global loyalty and rewards programme with numerous awards into its kitty.

As a member of the JetPrivilege programme, you get to enjoy innumerable benefits and privileges. This programme helps you earn JPMiles each time you travel by Jet Airways, Etihad Airways and any of their other airline partners across more than 1000 destinations across the globe. These frequent flyer miles can also be earned while you transact with any of their 150+ non-air programme partners, which means you don’t necessarily have to fly to earn JPMiles and can actually earn them on a daily basis as a part of your lifestyle. The easily accumulated JPMiles can later be redeemed for Award Flights (free flights) to a destination of your choice.

So, how do you get your JetPrivilege membership? The process is very simple. Visit and click on ‘Enrol’ on top right corner. Fill up the short and simple form with your basic information, agree to the terms and conditions and finally click on ‘Continue’. Lastly, verify your details. That’s all you need to do to register!

JetPrivilege has also created several sub-programs available to its member in efforts to make their program highly beneficial to them. Some of them are listed below:


MyFamily+ is an association that allows you to pool in and redeem the JPMiles earned by you and your family members for Award Flights.

Business Rewards+

This program is designed to meet the business and travel requirements of small and medium sized enterprises in India. Every time the employer or the employees spend on their business travel and entertainment, they get rewarded with miles, which can later be redeemed.

Merit Rewards

Merit Rewards is a programme that lets companies reward their employees, dealers, suppliers and other partners in an innovative way.

JetPrivilege also has fabulous offers and discounts. In fact, always count on Bonus JPMiles for booking your tickets on or the Jet Airways mobile app!

Bonuses are not just limited there. You can earn them when transacting across all their partners! For example, on booking a hotel stay with a partner, you get 4 JPMiles for every Rs. 100 spent, and on your first booking you receive 500 Bonus miles! This offer ends on 30th June 2016. So, you might want to hurry if you are looking to travel and book a stay!

Sure there are several reward and loyalty management companies claiming to offer you the best of deals and rewards. However, most of these come bundled with several unwanted surprises. As you opt for one of these reward programmes, you realize you’ve not quite benefited from it. Unlike such programmes, JetPrivilege ensures you get the best of rewards every time, every day, and enjoying the benefits that really matter!

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How to get JetPrivilege membership and enjoy its rewards

If you are someone travelling very often, the JetPrivilege rewards ...


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