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How to Do SEO Audit for a Magento Site!

There is no denying that Magneto is very popular as a platform for e- commerce websites and so an SEO audit for a Magento Site has to be conducted with a lot of care and there are some steps that demand to be adopted in order to hold out an effective SEO audit.

Why is it necessary to settle for an SEO Audit for a Magento Site?

The traffic generated by the search engine is something that most e-commerce websites thrive on and so Magneto websites are no different. However, sometimes SEO Audit for a Magento website can be a little difficult, particularly if you have too many products and many categories. You may consider applying the basic techniques like implementing Meta tags, however, there are many other SEO related problems that can occur and they may not show, but at the same time they can cause havoc on your website so it is very important to undertake an SEO Audit for a Magento Site.

What will an SEO Audit for a Magento Site reveal to us?

A Top SEO agency will throw light on the following issues during SEO audit that can make a great deal of damage to your e- commerce site.

    • Web pages that are not indexed– These are pages that are blocked by the search engines unintentionally
    • Product pages that are not optimized properly– These pages can spell disaster for the website

  • Categories that do not have a proper structure– This issue can give way to urls that are not optimized properly.
  • Pages with slow loading speed-This is a big problem that is much overlooked, but an SEO Audit can bring this to light
  • The product titles are not optimized properly- This is when the titles are not keyword oriented or do not have proper description.
  • Located content that has been duplicated-Repetitive descriptions of different products

So you see that a good SEO services audit will shed light on the above mentioned problems and you can then rectify them one by one.

The various steps involved in SEO Audit for a Magento Site

  • Analyzing Duplicate content: You can take the help of Siteliner tool that is often used to locate any duplicate content on the website. In fact, it can locate bulk duplicate content in the shortest time.
  • Implementing Responsive design and UX: The UX should be improved to such an extent in the checkout and cart section that the users should be capable to make quick purchases at any time. Since most of the users access ecommerce websites from mobile phones you must make sure the website is created using responsive design platform.
  • Using Adwords Remarketing and Google Remarketing: SEO audits of Magneto websites will always make sure that Google analytics are used to collect information regarding the transaction and purchase.
  • Study the Magneto Sitemap: A sitemap is very important as they keep the robots informed on the number of pages and the frequency of their updates.
  • The speed of the webpage: An SEO audit will study the speed of the webpage and the necessary action will be taken if it is found that the speed of the webpage is slow.
  • Removing duplicate pages from magneto websites: SEO audits pay special attention in removing duplicate content that can cause a lot of damage to the website.
  • Improving HTML: An SEO audit also looks into issues with the HTML coding, the images that use H1 tags have to be optimized in order to improve the presence and rankings on the search engines.

So these are all the vital information that you can find related to an SEO Audit for a Magento Site. It is always a safe idea to employ out the services of an expert to conduct an SEO audit on a Magneto website.

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