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How Reputation and Online Reputation Management are Connected

Reputation management is not something to be taken lightly. Whether you are trying to set up your own personal online reputation management system or are setting it up for business purposes, be aware of everything. Your online reputation management needs to be taken seriously and handled with care. Online reputation management is probably one of the largest parts of your overall reputation management. Online reputation management is growing rapidly due to the growth, developments and popularity of the internet. It is only normal for people to conduct Google searches when they need more information on something and sometimes even someone. Resulting to a Google search is very common for individuals who are accepting applications, whether it is job related or not. You may want to rent an apartment one day in the future and then landlord might decide to do a Google search on you to see what kind of character you are. It wouldn’t help your case if all your photos are of you and friends drinking at parties or photos that make you look rowdy and wild. No landlord wants this type of tenant just like no employer would want that type of person working for them. That being said, it a smart decision to purge through all the online content that you have control over as frequently as possible.

Your reputation management stays with you for years. This is why your online reputation management is so important to your image. Because once you delete something, although it is no longer visible, does not mean that is gone forever. At one point or another it was public and very visible which means that anyone could have seen it and saved it and resurface it when they see fit. Your online reputation management needs your undivided attention every now and then so you can get yourself together and decide how you wish to be perceived and evaluate how your online reputation management efforts can impact your overall reputation management.

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