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How Contentmart is Different from Other Online Writing Job Portals?

Have you recently heard about Contentmart? Are you new to this writing platform? Do you want to know what makes Contentmart best from the rest of the online-writing job providing destinations? Do you actually want to know how Contentmart is different from other such platforms? If your answer is a big ‘Yes’, you ought to read all what is written below!

Convenient & Easy to Access Design – One of the best things about Contentmart is its simple and easy to understand design. Mainly enriched in soothing hues of blue and white color, the website has been designed with simplicity and ease. Even if you are a first time visitor on this platform, you understand almost the entire system of ‘how it works’, in just one quick glance! All the tabs for different activities are placed lucidly in an easy manner so that you simply glide through the whole site yourself!

Freedom to Pick Any Project – This platform is different from other such writing platforms because it provides you the freedom of choosing any project. Contentmart does not ask its writer fraternity to upgrade their profile to any membership plan. Every writer can bid on any project. However, the instructions from the clientele have to be followed in a disciplined manner.

Instant Money Transfer – As a writer, you do not have to wait for your money after the work is being done and submitted. The amount shows up into your e-wallet as soon as the client accepts it and approves it.

Never Short of Work – Contentmart is never short of providing writing assignments to its registered writers. Every day, rather; every hour, the site is updated with new projects from the clients’ side. All you need to do is to keep checking!

Creating & Updating Profile is Easy – It does not take you hours to create an impressive profile at Contentmart. You can start working as a writer with this platform after completing the basic details. However, to create a more impactful impression, the site recommends its writers to complete their profiles. You may update your profile anytime, later!

Advantages of Being a Verified Writer– Once you have finished a certain number of projects, you can upgrade your profile to the status of ‘Verified Writer’. The site will drop you a mail regarding that. Moreover, you do not need to pay any money for that! The verified writers are recommended by the site itself to the probable clients.

Just ask yourself that do you get to enjoy the above explained benefits at some other writing platform? Of course, not! Contentmart is a unique and highly useful website for all those freelance writers who want to work and earn in safe, authentic and impressive way!

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