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Flawless Finishes: Great Hardscaping Looks for Outside Pavers

Homeowners are starting to pay more attention to sprucing up the exterior of their properties ahead of the the warmer weather of spring and summer, and one way to make the outside of a house stand out is to use natural stone pavers finished in a variety of attractive styles.

Whether using travertine, bluestone, sandstone or marble, there are many different types of stone to choose from for a hardscaping project. For exterior design, hardscaping refers to the installation of man-made features like stone paneling outside rather than landscaping which refers to natural features such as flower installations.

Natural stone is durable and attractive, making it an ideal choice for hardscaping features ranging from entrance walkways to a home, to tiling around a swimming pool, or even an outdoor dining area.

Marble has long been a popular stone to use inside and outside the home because of its elegant appearance. It’s perfect for hardscaping, perhaps by using gray marble pavers with light veins and swirls to cover a patio, poolside, or other outdoor feature in style.

However, marble can be more expensive than other types of stone – if that’s the case, sandstone pavers with a beige base and shades of gold and gray are a great alternative. The pavers project a classy, timeless look that pairs with a wide variety of outdoor furniture and other fixtures.

Travertine is another type of stone that’s frequently used for hardscaping projects. For example, a patio area can be taken to the next level with the use of travertine pavers in various shades of silver with marks of beige and gray. This neutral color can also pair wonderfully with some outdoor features, especially if granite is used to cover an exterior fireplace.

Some homes have a swimming pool as their most prominent feature, and the choice of paver that surrounds the pool is an important choice. A good option here is to again use traver tine, but this time with lighter beige pavers that have natural markings in various shades of white. It creates a bright, warm appearance that will help to promote the pool as the central outdoor feature.

Other properties have the patio as their most prominent exterior attraction, and for these it’s possible to use basalt pavers in a dark blue or black color. The weathered appearance of the natural stone gives the pavers a rustic look that will match with a large variety of patio furniture.

But it’s not just the garden and poolside where natural stone can benefit from a hardscaping project. Consider using pavers to line the entrance to a house, build a welcoming path to the front door, or even a to create a pathway through a garden. This type of hardscaping design can help a home stand out among its neighbors in an eye-catching way.

Regardless of the size of the exterior design project, natural stone pavers should be top of the list when deciding on the next material for your hardscaping project.

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