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Five Reasons You Need a Corporate Caterer

In the office, things can get hectic in a hurry. Worrying about what food to serve, who’s going to prepare it, and if it’s even going to be delicious are heavy concerns. Hiring a corporate caterer to handle your next big meeting or event will guarantee a satisfied group. If you’re still not convinced, check out these five reasons you need to hire a corporate caterer.

Stress Reduction

Coordinating events and meetings takes a lot of time and energy. Food and beverage decisions can easily be taken off your planning to do list when you hire a corporate caterer. A caterer will not only relieve some of the planning stress, but they’ll also handle the clean up afterward. Many catering companies can assist you in planning detailed menus and even allow you to customize your event with additional features like decorations and unique menu offerings.

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Time Saver

When you hire a catering company, you no longer need to coordinate time spent–planning, cooking, serving, and cleaning. Imagine the extra time you’d have available if you eliminated the need to plan and estimate serving quantities, go shopping, and prep and prepare food. Spend your time planning other important details for your event or meeting rather than worrying about the food served.


Tired of the same food from the same places? A corporate caterer will make sure that nobody complains about the food options again. The beauty of getting professional help with your catering needs is that you get to work with the company directly to decide on a menu that works for even the pickiest of eaters in your group. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering in Manhattan offers unique menu options like a Tex Mex Bar–featuring grilled meats, smoked cheeses, and spicy toppings for mini heroes; sushi platters; and even a Hawaiian Luau themed menu. Caterers can provide a wide range of menu options for casual and formal corporate gatherings with selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

Stand Out

When an event is well planned and organized, each attendee is satisfied and hopefully left with a lasting impression. A corporate caterer can provide themed decorations, black tie waiters and bartenders, and rental items like glassware, flatware, tables, chairs, utensils, and linen. A corporate caterer can bring efficiency and structure that will make your event professional and memorable.

It’s All in the Details

A catering company will work diligently to fulfill the needs of your event. This is important because caterers have experience, proper equipment and tools, and the ability to serve high-quality food and beverage in nearly any venue and for any time of day. Caterers can provide the perfect menus to fit your event’s theme whether it’s a quick grab and go breakfast bar, informal cold or hot lunch offerings, to more formal appetizers, main entrees, and desserts. You can also check to see if your caterer offers dietary requests–vegetarian, gluten-free, or any other custom options.

Food is the heart of any gathering. Don’t take on the added stress of food planning for your next event or meeting. Hiring a corporate caterer will simply your to-do list and provide your event with satisfying food and beverage that will meet the needs of your group and open your time to focus on other details that will make your event a success.


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