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Enjoy Fox Glacier on a Budget

Fox Glacier in New Zealand is an incredible experience and one that will leave you feeling awed and inspired. Yet if you are traveling or exploring New Zealand in a motorhome rental or rental car and on a budget, you may wonder how you can appreciate Fox Glacier and get the most out of it without spending a fortune.

Here are our top tips on how you can visit Fox Glacier on a budget:

  • Where will you stay? Part of the expense of visiting Fox Glacier is in the accommodations. To help you spend less, instead of staying at a fancy hotel or even renting an expensive motorhome park, staying in a hostel or even camping in a tent can mean that you get to spend more on other things during your visit to Fox Glacier. Saving on your accommodations will allow you to be able to spend money on a guide, which is truly the best and, of course, safest way to enjoy Fox Glacier.
  • What will you eat? To help you to save money and spend less or stay within your budget, it is a good idea to shop for your meals at the super market. Eating out during your time in Fox Glacier may be pricey and you will end up spending a good amount of your budget for the visit on food and less on fun.
  • What will you do? An important part of staying within your budget is planning ahead. There are many excursions and things you can do in the area besides exploring Fox Glacier, but if you are visiting on a budget, you may want to prioritize the activities that you most want to do. Going hand in hand with this is booking ahead. Last minute decisions could mean pricier guides, events, lodging, or tickets.
  • What will satisfy you? If you are a hiking and nature enthusiast, it is highly suggested that you hire a guide to explore the glaciers and see the views from the top. It is not a good idea to try to explore on your own, so if you do want to truly take advantage of Fox Glacier, a guide is a good idea.

On the flip side, if you are going with children or family members who may not crave adventure like you do, a simple hike or walk around the area will suffice and still provide you with beautiful views while you save the money that you would have spent on a guide for a more challenging adventure.

  • What should you wear?Since Fox Glacier is about exploring glaciers, the weather will obviously call for warm clothes and warm clothes include hiking wear, not jeans and wool sweaters that you would wear for a visit with your in-laws.

For this reason, you should visit prepared with the clothing that you will need as purchasing warm clothing while near Fox Glacier could potentially be a lot more expensive than if you would have gone shopping back home. But, before shopping, check in with the guide company you will be going with. Oftentimes, they supply trekkers with footwear and other items needed for the exploration.

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