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Does Every Athlete Take Help Of Steroids To Achieve Higher Performance?

Officially all athletes and sportsmen are not permitted to use any kind of steroids for enhancing their performance, but what is the reality? Publicly every sports organizers talk against the use of steroids. However, it is a known fact that most of the professional sports people use these performance enhancement steroids at some point of time during their career. Same thing can be said about five times Mr. Olympia Phil Heath too. However, will he ever admit that publicly?

A few athletes nevertheless do not shy away to admit the fact that they do use steroids, but at the same time they also go to gym regularly and workout hard and take proper diet and supplements. Using performance enhancing drugs remains only a subject of private discussion. There are few people who regularly use steroids to maintain a good physique and may not necessarily participate in any competitive sports.

What are the pros and cons of steroids?

We all are aware of the fact that steroids offer an unfair advantage to the user in any kind of competitive sports. At the same time, if you strictly follow the guidelines and regulations given by various sports authorities then it may certainly put you in a disadvantageous position. However, majority of sports organizers are against the use of steroids, but if we probe it deeply then we can understand that they do not mean what they propagate.

Now if you look at the performance of the modern day sportsmen, you will find that every year a new record is made and the old record is broken. Most of the records are beyond the reach of a common man.

What does that mean? Either some of these sportsmen are god gifted or they may be super human. Also, possibly some organizations allow them to use steroids such as 40 mg of testosterone undecanoate, but never admit it in public.

There are few disadvantages of using these steroids. The adverse side effects that create havoc on the sportsmen and therefore every sports regulator is forced to ban the use of these steroids.

In majority of the advanced countries it is almost impossible to get steroids without any valid prescription, but still in countries like UK one can easily manage to get steroids from secondary market.

Phil Heath Steroid

Steroids like testosterone are naturally found in our body. They help in development of muscles. If you take Phil Heath Steroid, you will gain more muscle weight, which needs to be regulated with good diet and heavy workout.

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