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CMMS: Top 6 Must Ask questions Before Computerization

Choosing a computerization maintenance management system is quite a tricky balancing act between your business’s needs, the capability of the software and other external factors. It’s not just as simple as picking software off the shelf and implementing.

A lot of thoughts go into deciding which vendor to sign up with – this can be so stressful and demanding: but it is a necessary task that must be accomplished, in order to figure out your business requirements hence purchasing software that’s a best fit for your organization.

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry we’ve compiled a list of top 6 questions you need to ask in order to determine which maintenance software best meets your organization’s requirements.

Here’re two things you must do before shopping for a CMMS:

  • Assemble a CMMS selection team: Having a team you can rely on and bounce off ideas with is critical in coming up with what your organization need from a CMMS. The team should consist of stakeholders such as those that will be using the new system, management, and perhaps members of the maintenance unit.
  • Define your requirements: understanding your organization’s requirements makes it easier comparing different software to find the one that closely matched your needs. If you’re already using a CMMS but planning to migrate to a new one, it is important to take note of the features offered by this system plus additional features you require.  For example, if you are tracking forklift maintenance does the CMMS vendor support not only work orders, but PM schedules.

Pre-vetting Questions to ask Every CMMS Vendor

With the features your business requires in your hand, it’s time to shop for vendors with solutions that match your requirements. We recommend you select at least 3-4 vendors to meet. Here’re questions to keep in mind while meeting them:

  1. Will they provide demo? It is important to test run a system and find out if it’s a best fit for your business before taking the plunge investing in the software – this will certainly save you lots of headaches going forward.
  2. Is the CMMS user friendly? You don’t want a tool you spend tons of time trying to figure out how to use. Hence it is important to ask whether the interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  3. What industry is the software intended for? Each solution is designed specifically for different industry asking these questions ensure that you’re getting a CMMS made purposely for your industry.
  4. Is the software cloud-based or installed? This question helps you streamline your organization’s data security policy with your CMMS. A cloud-based CMMS meant your organization doesn’t have control over the hosting platform of the software; which could raise privacy concerns for the management then an on-premise CMMS could better suited for your business.

Tech Support Questions to Ask Every CMMS Vendor

  1. Do they Offer Training? Find out if the vendor offers training on how to set up and use the system. It is also important that you ask whether the cost of the training is inclusive of the price you are paying or if you’re paying separately for it.
  2. Is support easy to reach? Find out how responsive their support team is by inquiring about the hours to contact them and more importantly the expected response time.

Asking these questions will help you determine if a solution is best fit for your organization’s needs saving you from lots of headaches down the line.

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