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Cibo wine bar- on your way to cloud 9

For last two decades, Cibo wine bar is reigning the word of fine dining and culinary wizardry. Promoted by the Liberty Entertainment group is offering unparalleled experience in the finest Italian wines.

A relaxed atmosphere to rejuvenate your spirits and kindle your taste buds, nothing can beat  Cibo. Your taste buds would get a new experience as well.

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You are looking for authentic rustic Italian flare blended with a vibrant nightlife and a tinge of romance, no need to look beyond Cibo. With enough importance is given to the minutest details, Liberty has again surprised you with the art of bar and restaurants.

Cibo wines would encourage losing control and indulging into something unique. The adventure seeker in you would appreciate Cibo wines. The historian in you would relish the bygone era of Italian experience in entertainment. And the connoisseur in you will pat yourself for choosing Cibo for a whole lot of mind blogging activities.

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You can’t miss the rustic elegance and marvelous ambiance to take you all the way up to cloud nine. The menu is a wide spread made the finest chefs of the Marble country- Italy. You get traditional as well as contemporary exotic food. Accompanied by unstoppable wines from the most beautiful winery in the world, which are handpicked by our experts.

There is warmth you cannot miss. The walls, interiors m lights, and the furniture all cut out just for you. The butcher back table top would take you a few centuries back. Cibo wines are the talk of the town for obvious reasons. With many awards and medals to its credits, Cibo wine bar is innovative in finding out what else would satisfy you more.

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