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Choosing Quality Water Pipes for Smoking Cannabis

Deciding on the type of bong -also known as water pipe- to purchase will make the difference between a pleasant smoking experience or a disappointing one. Therefore it makes sense to choose a quality one to assure the best results possible, and the better the quality of the water pipe the longer it will last. This can mean saving money and avoiding frustration. It’s a smart choice to make especially if it is used often.

What Reasons Should Be Considered When Looking at Bongs?

When buying a bong at a headshop or online, there are other reasons to go for a high quality one, and here are the top two:

1. Thick glass will outlast a bong that is made from thinner glass. Thin glass is often brittle and causes the pipe to break more easily. This will result in spending more money needlessly. Purchasing a quality glass water pipe is a wise choice for the lifetime of the pipe.
2. While thick glass is a better choice over a bong made from thin glass, it is just as important the type of glass material used in making the water pipes. Many of the water pipes that are sold at headshops come from overseas. Superior glass water pipes are commonly made in the United States. 

These are two top reasons to take into thought when looking at a new bong to buy. The glass used in making the thick glass water pipes is called borosilicate. Most typically used in lab equipment made of glass. Choosing a bong made of this glass material will outlast others made of inferior and cheap glass, that more than likely ends up breaking easily.

This type of glass is also known for its resistant to thermal shock, which means that it can withstand temperature changes much better than other types of glass. Since these pipes get hot when being used then it makes sense to use heavy duty quality thick glass for long-term durability. It also may prove a precautionary choice in safety since brittle glass may result in cuts or an unsafe outcome.

Variation of Glass Thickness and Styles in Water Pipes

While they are a variety of design styles or colors to choose when buying a water pipe or bong, the main thing to remember is that a water pipe should be of high-quality glass, and a reasonable thickness will provide for a more enjoyable moment. Thicker is not always the better choice just as a pretty looking bong is not necessarily the best choice either. However, a well-made water pipe that uses borosilicate glass, is thick, and aesthetically pleasing will end up becoming a great purchase. 

So when ready to buy a new bong, be it for the first time or to add to a collection, remember the two reasons that have been mentioned above in this article, which are the quality of the type of glass used in making the water pipe, and the proper thickness that can result in a durable water pipe that can last longer than other water pipes of poor quality.

Whether cannabis is smoked for medicinal purposes or for recreation legally, the experience can be a more enlightening one by choosing to use a high-quality water pipe. It may also be a money-saving choice for those that like high-end pipes without overspending needlessly. 

Knowing why a water pipe made of thick quality glass can be a better buying choice is great, and knowing where to get them even better. Thick ass glass provides a good variety of choices and styles for enthusiasts of cannabis smoking.

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