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Blog and Article Writing Services UK

If your company either doesn’t have a blog or the one that exists is largely forgotten with a hit rate that makes the marketing department wonder why they embarked on the task for little reward, here is a suggestion:

Hire a freelance copywriter from a leading article and blog writing services provider like Connotations.

You’ll soon be proud of the attention grabbing top quality content which positively impacts on SEO and brand awareness.

When you seek the expertise of leading blog and article writing services you enjoy confidence that every blog post, article, newsletter or update targets the required audience.

Pieces utilise keywords, the search terms that customers would type in to a search engine. This considerably increases the visibility of the company and its products or services online. Using a variety of keywords makes search matches rise optimally so a customer needing to hire a professional cleaning company could search for:

  • Cleaners in XYZ town.
  • Cleaning firms.
  • Corporate cleaning services.
  • Top rated cleaning services in XYZ town.

The most used search terms are prioritised by UK article writing professionals, they’ll yield the greatest number of matches.

Your professional blog writing services outlay will come back manifold in brand awareness and conversions to sales. Readers learn of your existence or remind themselves of how useful you could be to them via short articles that take just a few minutes to read but refocus their attention on you and away from competitors.

Blogs and articles aren’t always used as direct selling tools, they inform readers about the industry, how legislation affects services or products, how an item is designed, news and developments. The call to action is in each piece but subtly. Very few people appreciate the hard sell approach.

Freelance copywriters have a unique skill set and experience. They don’t have the distractions that a company employee has so whilst the in-house blog writer may be cramming the task in to their hectic work day, the time can be spent by blog writing services providers on ensuring that each written piece is perfectly created.

The tone will match the company image so whether that is authoritative, humorous, informal, educational or aspirational, this is achieved.  No typing errors, no spelling or punctuation issues, no colloquial language and no exhausting sentences that seem to run on forever.

Remember that when potential clients notice an error this instantly sends a negative subliminal message. If the attention to detail has been forsaken on the company blog does this indicate that the company has a service or quality issue?  Think of freelance writers as a form of insurance securing your business reputation. Nothing but the best content will reach your readers and be seen by fellow industry colleagues.

Freelance copywriters offer a consummate and cost effective service and they are used by every industry sector. The reader won’t suspect that the blogs aren’t written by an in-house expert.

Your secret is safely guarded.

Contact a firm like Connotations today to learn more.

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Blog and Article Writing Services UK

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