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Best Financial SupportTo Your Child Guaranteed By Expert Attorneys

As a responsible parent, you will never want any potential hindrance to the general and overall wellbeing of your child, even after divorce. You must know that child support is the periodic payment made by parents that are legally mandated and should not stop at any cost or point of time. This is used for education, health care and to meet with other daily necessities and expenses for better and unobtrusive upbringing of your child. You will want your child to have the best Financial support and therefore should rely on proficient divorce attorneys to eliminate the inconsistencies and probable stop payments from child support.

The Working Process

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It is usuallythe non-custodial parent or the ‘obligor’ pays for child support to the custodial parent or the ‘obligee’ for the living expenses. Such support is provided till the child turns 18 or is emancipated. The amount of such payment will depend on thelevel of income of the obligor as well as the need of the child and is mandated by the court. As both these are variable factors, you can modify the amount to accommodate the changes from time to time but you will have to make sure that you follow the guidelines set by the law of the state.

Depends On Number Of Children


Usually, the amount of child support will depend on the number of children you have. It is calculated on your net monthly income which and according to the set guidelines of the state. If you are a single child parent then the amount will be 20% but if you have two children then it will be 25% of your net monthly income. Likewise, the percentage increases by 5% for every additional child you may have. The non-custodial parent pays for health insurance as well unless the primary custody pays for it.

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Best Financial SupportTo Your Child Guaranteed By Expert Attorneys

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