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Being a pet doctor is very good

All human beings suffer from different sort of diseases or illness, in the same way your pets also suffer from diseases and other illness problems which may affect their health and result in various health problems. To, overcome this problem you can take the help of the veterinaries who are specialized in animal treatments and have vast knowledge regarding all the veterinary surgeries that will help you in improving your animal health. With the help of veterinaries it will become easy for you to understand the problem of your pet.

Veterinaries work patiently with the animals and do all the necessary tests and x- rays to check the problem. They deal with all animals whether it may be cat, dog, cow, sheep, goat, rat etc. Every day come new challenges for the veterinaries and every patient has some new problem which might be different from last problem. The Veterinary Surgeon performs different surgeries which can be classified in three parts:

  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Neurosurgery

Type of surgeries performed by veterinaries

1- Sterilization surgery: Sterilization surgery is the most common surgery performed by the veterinaries on the animals. This surgery is a common form of elective procedure and it is performed in those animals which are incapable of reproducing. Sterilization surgery is divided in three types which are different from each other. Following are the type of sterilization surgery:

  • Orchiectomy surgery: In this type of sterilization surgery testes of male animals are removed which helps in eliminating breeding problem and it also reduces the ability of reproduction. This surgery is carried out using different techniques depending on the animal’s skin and its type.
  • Ovariohysterectomy surgery: This sterilization surgery is usually performed on female animals and under this surgery female reproductive organs are broken down. This surgery also includes elimination of heat cycle from the female animals which helps in reducing the risks of organ cancers from the pets.
  • Spaying and neutering surgery: This surgery is very helpful for reducing the pet population and it also keep pets healthy and nourish. This surgery helps in reducing the illness problems and also prevents animals from their unwanted behavior.

2-Dental surgery: In dental surgery all the surgeries related to teeth problems are performed by veterinary dentist. This surgery includes all the surgical procedures related to dental problems. A dental surgery includes dental prophylaxis surgery in which animal tooth cleaning is done. And it also includes Dental extraction surgery in which tooth of the animal is extracted usually when oral diseases arise or infection occurs in the teeth.

3-Orthopedic surgery: There are many type of orthopedic surgery which is performed by veterinaries. It includes surgery such as bone fracture repair, leg amputation, hip replacement, ligament repair and many more. Orthopedic surgery can be classified under two types:

Digital amputation: In this surgery pet’s toe is removed due to the unbearable pain caused by the fractures or other medical problems, this surgery is performed using digital machines

Caudectomy: In caudectomy surgery a small portion of pet’s tail is removed due to medical problems like excessive folds of skin, tumor etc.

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