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Aloha! Let’s party Hawaiian style


Parties, be the fuel to survive long working days. Parties are the best of any gatherings with a great scope of mingling and fun. Theme parties are the newest attraction in the block, what wait for Halloween when you can get dressed and set the mood for any theme. This kind of parties centers a specific idea or feature. These parties have characteristics like certain kind of food, activities, decoration and even costumes.

Hawaiian Costume Party

One of the best-themed parties of all times is aHawaiian themed party or Luau party. These kinds of parties usually involve a lot of music, dancing and sipping fancy cocktails and centers a ‘surf shack,’ these generally take place in the beaches, but your back garden is also a perfect choice. Hawaiian party costumes are beach themed clothing, but it gives you an ample choice to be outlandish or simple.

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Hawaiian Costume ideas:

Floral prints-

Tropical patterns like flowers, beaches, islands, tall palm trees or something sort of that design can never be a wrong move.

Men: Wear Hawaiian shirtswith these designs, and it’ll never go wrong. You can pair these shirts with solid color shorts.

Women: Wearflowy dresses with tropical designs. You can also rock a bikini top with afrilly skirt if it is asummer themed party.

Complete your outfit with sunglasses, flip flops or go barefoot to rock a luau.

Grass Skirt-

These skirts can be worn by both men and women. You can make yourself a skirt out of grass or wear an artificial one. Always remember to wear a pair of shorts underneath the skirt to avoid embarrassment.


Leis: Leis are agood addition to complete your look, these are colorful flowers garland kind of thing which are perfect for any luau party. Plastic leis are also available, but real ones look more attractive.

Shell Necklaces:

These are astring of real or plastic shells which are also perfect for Hawaiianparty costumes.

These costume ideas will give you brownie points for dressing in any luau party. I ka!

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