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All About Cerakote Coatings! Concept, Prices, And Colors Options

Cerakote is one of the types of gun coating among various kinds of gun coatings available in the market. It is helpful in not only making the gun look better but also in having a protective layer over and around the gun. The cerakote coating is highly popular and much recommended by its users as it does not rust and get blued like the stainless steel.

Before you decide to get your firearm cerakoted, it is imperative that you know in and out about this coating process. There are many things that one has to know before buying a gun with thecerakote coating including concept, coating process, benefits of coating, drawbacks of using the Cerakote coating, pricing, color options, and so on.

In the blog below, there is a mention of the whole concept, prices and the color options regarding cerakote.

Concept of Cerakote

Cerakote is a finishing available for guns that are solely produced by the company cerakote. The word care comes from ceramic, which is a part of the coating section and the word ‘quote’ comes from the word coat. The cerakote helps in creating a hard surface for the gun that resists the gun from scratching and also other such abrasions.

How to Get Cerakote Coating done on your Firearm Piece?

If you have a gun already then, you might just apply the cerakote coating at home. If you are planning to buy a new gun, then you might get it from the shop itself. Many of the manufacturers and shop holders now keep the cerakote with them.

What are Air-Cured Cerakote?

The cerakote C range is well known as air cured cerakote and they are widely in use for the higher temperature applications. You can prefer using them with barrels rather than slides.

What are the Drawbacks of having Cerakote Coating?

One of the major drawbacks of having cerakote is that the coating finishes quite fast and then it requires only an oven cure to get back to normal. Also, you cannot use the home oven for the same.

Cerakote Prices

There is a lot of buzz and confusion regarding the cerakote pricing. Its pricing depends upon various factors. The different types of guns that are available under the cerakote coating and upon what factors do the cerakote pricing depend upon are as below:

  • Pistol:Slide, Frame, Back Strap, Slide Top, Trigger, Assault Rifle, Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Barrel,BCG, and Buttstock
  • Long gun:Bolt gun, Rifle stock,Shotgun bolt,Bipod, and Scope Mount

Cerakote Color Options

There are various color options available in cerakote. The different series available in cerakote colors are as below:

  1. Elite Series:Midnight, Smoke, Earth, Sand jungle, and Concrete
  2. H series:Graphite Black, Sniper Gray, Burnt Bronze, Bright White, Cobalt, Pink, and Gold

Cerakote is one of the coatings that is not only highly recommendable but also very much useful as compared to stainless steel. It is very much important to know about everything starting right from the concept of cerakote to the prices and the color options that are available before buying or giving the old gun a cerakote coating.

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