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A Lawyer Can Help You Recover From A Dog Attack

You should feel safe and secure in your neighborhood. A pleasant stroll down the sidewalk or walk through the park should not turn into a nightmare because someone did not assert the proper control over their dog.

Being attacked by a dog can cause enormous physical and psychological harm. Although most owners train their animals not to bite and take precautions so that they do not attack random strangers, there are individuals who do not take these common sense steps. The latterhave a lack of concern for what their dogs might or might not do when around other people.

If you have been bitten by a dog, you should hold the owner accountable.

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Litigating Dog Bites

When people think of litigating a personal injury claim, they most often think of car accidents, slip and falls, and other such incidents. However, dog bites are covered under tort law, which means that you can sue the person whose dog attacked you. You should not be dissuaded from this course of action by those who would have you believe that animals are not one hundred percent controllable or that there was no reasonable action that the owner could have taken to prevent the attack.

Even if the above claims are true, it doesn’t absolve the owner of responsibility for what has happened. And that is the bottom line: someone has to be held responsible for the injury you have suffered.

This is especially the case if the dog bite has led to a long hospital stay. You will almost certainly need to take a course of rabies shots, and, depending on the severity of the bite, you may even need to undergo surgery. All of this costs money. Medical expenses and time off work will put you under financial strain. It is a burden you should not have to bear alone. The person whose dog attacked you should be made to pay for what their animal has done.

Engaging the services of a lawyer such as the ones found at Cogburn Law Office can help you get compensation. It will take you some time to recover from the incident. But you deserve the money that will help you get through the financial trial you will be put through as you recover.

Getting Justice And Discourage Recklessness

There are certain groups of people who are in the business of breeding and keeping dangerous dogs. They go out of their way to encourage an aggressive and violent temper in their animals. State law does not forbid such activity, at least not in any absolute sense. However, there are rules and regulations in place that stipulate the safety measures that must be taken to protect members of the general public.

Some people choose to ignore these rules and allow their animals to behave as wildly as they please. This is a form of recklessness that ought to be discouraged. By filing suit you will get justice for yourself and you will do something to encourage better behavior among dog owners.


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