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6 Popular Internal communication tools

Internal communication within a company (SME, GE) is very important. It informs employees of changes in the company, so that they feel integrated. An informed employee is already largely a satisfied employee, and therefore motivated. It is therefore more productive and more attached to the company. Internal communication is no longer reserved for large groups, it can also benefit SMEs.

1. The Internal Newsletter

An internal newsletter is a simple tool to set up and inexpensive for a company. It allows for the transmission of information on a regular basis (eg, weekly or monthly) to all staff. Thus, you will be able to transmit the company’s news quickly. The newsletter must be representative of the whole company, address everyone, and give them the floor. It should not be a simple communication tool for business management. Why not include the testimony of an employee, client or investor?

2. Host Meetings Online

Organizing meetings can be difficult, especially when employees are separated geographically. Yet they bring a lot to both employees and employers. They allow to exchange the company’s news and points which are used to get informed in the work processes, etc. The employees may feel more comfortable at talking about problems encountered in his / her work online. Today, lots of online meeting apps, like ezTalks Meetings, can be used to organize meetings in the form of a web conference.

This meeting app also guarantees superb HD videos and high quality audio. You can also share content and screens, make private and group chat, schedule online meetings in advance, record online meetings and more with this app.

ezTalks Meetings brings you awesome online meeting experience. It lets you hold or attend any online meeting from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, Mac as well as Windows PC. With its free plan, you’re able to hold up to 100 participants meeting online at the same time. If you want to enable 500 participants at most to join the same meeting simultaneously, you can upgrade to its professional plan easily.

It support easy access to the online meetings, as the people who are invited just need to click the invitation link, or simply type their names and the meeting room number, and that’s it. ezTalks Meetings offers you HD video and audio while you’re having online meetings. During the meeting, you can also share screens and online whiteboard, text with private and group chat, schedule online meetings ahead of time, record online meetings and more with this app.

3. The Intranet

The intranet is considered a more passive tool. It is generally reserved for medium-sized companies, notably for its relatively high cost. More than informative, the intranet makes it possible to gather useful information or tools for the employees. Official information documents, procedures to follow or practical guides for new employees, the intranet must provide staff with useful information and information at all times.

4. The Display

And no, the display is not dead, at least not yet. A poster placed in the passing places of the company can inform very easily. As the poster will greatly enhance the information, it is advisable to reserve it for important information or high added value. The content of the poster must also be on other channels (mail…) to be seen by all.

5. The Corporate Social Network

The corporate social network is complementary to the intranet. It gives a more user-friendly look to discussions between employees on the web. Everyone can share useful information with everyone, ask questions of colleagues, propose an idea … The social network should not be informative but rather collaborative. A tool like Yammer makes it possible to create social networks of company quite simply. It is usually found in companies with a large number of staff or with high geographical spread.

6. Smarp

Smarp is the Employee Advocacy solution that allows you to instantly exchange with all your employees. Smarp can also be a great tool for internal communication if it is to function as a first step and to engage your employees on social networks. Need to communicate with all your employees when you leave a company meeting? Smarp allows you!

Have you just signed a strategic contract and would like to share the good news with your 17,000 employees around the world? Smarp allows you! Want to solicit comments from your managers on a particular topic? Smarp allows you!

Do not hesitate to consult our HR marketing and internal communication agency, as well as to download our Email Marketing proposal free of charge to develop your internal communication tools.

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