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5 Must Visit RV Destinations

There’s something magical about traveling via RV across the country. You get many of the comforts of home while also experiencing the adventure that comes from camping and travel. This truly is the best blend of both worlds, so why not make the most of it by making sure you are taking your vacation at amazing destinations that are RV-friendly? A great blend of RV friendly campsites and wonderful places to visit usually add up to some unforgettable memories.

Don’t let not owning an RV stop you from that friend or family vacation. There are many RV rental options available so you can plan your ultimate road trip with the comfort of your home away from home on wheels. If you’re hard up on ideas, consider these 5 must visit RV spots!

#1: Mount Rushmore (Horse Thief Lake Campsite)

Mount Rushmore is one of those sites that sticks out as being truly unique, and draws tourists from across the country. Featuring four of America’s greatest and most revered presidents, this is only one of many amazing sites in an area that includes the Black Hills National Forest, Jewel Cave, and Custer State Park where you actually can see the buffalo and wild mustangs roam.

There are only a few RV camps in the area, so you need to make proper preparations ahead of time. Horse Thief Campgrounds is one of the most popular RV resorts in the area. You will be centrally located to visit Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, and all the local breathtaking sights before coming back to your comfortable RV in a camp that includes a pool, store, and a playground for any kids.

#2: South Padre Island Is Very RV Friendly

While it might be known as an incredible spring break site for college aged students, South Padre is a beautiful barrier island off of southern Texas featuring miles upon miles of some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the United States. There are miles of beaches and parks that are incredible, and Andy Bowie Park and Padre Island National Seashore are two places nature lovers will want to visit. The island is home to multiple RV parks, with Isla Blanca Park having 600 spots alone. You can have your beach vacation and live life large RV style out on South Padre!

#3: See the Best of the West Out at Crater Lake National Park

Often referred to as “The big blue crater,” Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is a stunning national park that is popular with campers, hikers, backpackers, and about every type of outdoor enthusiast there is out there. This is the deepest lake in the United States and has no river or stream connections: only rain and snow which help keep the water its incredible blue. Estimated as having depths of up to 1900 feet, this lake is an absolute gem of a sight on the west coast. While the park itself only has one campsite with electric and water hookups, there are multiple RV parks close by catering to visitors who want to see what this Oregon gem is all about.

#4: Visit the Florida Keys

The bridges connecting the Florida Keys create a stunning and unique experience driving, and every specific Key has its own personality and unique feel. Road tripping the Florida Keys is one heck of an experience, and doing it in an RV means you can go at your own pace, all the way to Key West. Once there, try Boyd’s Key West Campground which offers all the basics but includes a pool, beach area, bathrooms, and even free Wi-Fi. Just make sure to call ahead for reservations. This spot is well known as a “must stop” for RV travelers.

#5: Rivers Edge RV Park (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Okay, so this might be a homer pick because of my days living in Fairbanks, but if you want to experience the true Last Frontier wilderness in all its 24 hour of sunlight glory then take a look at enjoying this spot. Even in the city you’re surrounded by hiking trails and interesting sites, there is a shuttle bus to city points of interest, and you have an on-site restaurant for when you don’t feel like cooking after a hard day of exploring. This is the place to stay in Fairbanks!

These five areas are amazing places to visit with your RV, although there are many more. Remember to plan intentionally, look for great RV camping sites in the area, and plan the type of trip that will give you memories for years to come!

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