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5 Cool Pictures to Take on Your Wedding day

When it comes to your wedding photos, there are plenty of stock poses your photographer will be sure to get. There’s the picture of the couple’s hands, close in on the wedding rings. There’s the groom posing with the groomsmen and the bride with the bridesmaids. There’s a generation picture, with grandparents, parents, and kids. All those photos are great, but here are five cool ideas for wedding photos that your photographer can add to make your wedding album really pop.

Aerial Shots

It used to be you’d need a crane, helicopter, or a really tall ladder to get over head shots at a wedding. If the first two options weren’t in your budget, you’d have to hope your photographer had a good sense of balance and was willing to take a little risk. Now that quadcopters are getting cheaper and cheaper, though, it’s easy to get great aerial shots with a minimum of hassle. Many photographers are offering drone shots as an option. If yours doesn’t, it’s worth dropping a couple hundred bucks to get set up.


Hey, it’s 2015. Why shouldn’t our pictures move like we took them at Hogwarts? An artsy animated shot can take wedding photos to the next level. It’s a great way to capture those quiet, introspective moments. When they’re done right, it looks like the whole world has stopped just for you and your partner. Since that’s the way a wedding day feels, it’s wonderful to have it captured in this unique way.

A Thank-You Note Photo

Keep the wedding fun going with your thank-you notes. Make sure to take a picture of the wedding couple holding up signs that say “thank you,” then print them out for the thank-you cards. Your guests will get a sweet reminder of the day when you send out your thank-you cards.

Time-Lapse Sparklers

Using sparklers to create time-lapse photos can make for a great addition to your photo album. Not only are they great in pictures, but wedding sparklers are a great addition to any wedding ceremony. They’re a good substitute for throwing rice after the ceremony, and they’re great for lighting up the reception. If you have sparklers at your ceremony, make sure to have your photographer do a few time-lapse photos. Spell out the bride and groom’s initials, the word “Love,” or just make a heart. Just make sure that your photographer has experience photographing wedding sparklers ahead of time because there is a bit of a learning curve involved.


There will be plenty of photos of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everyone together. Why not create a little more fun beyond the requisite “everyone jumps at the same time” and “everyone makes silly faces” photos? Have your wedding party square off against each other for a game of tug-o-war, with one of the streamers from the reception or just a length of rope. Make sure to get a couple of shots of the process, including whichever team ends up on the ground. It’s a great bonding exercise and leads to some pretty cool pictures.

When it comes to wedding photography, there are plenty of time-tested ideas. And there’s nothing wrong with the classics. But it’s good to think outside the album and go for some clever, fun, artsy pictures to help remember how much fun everyone had on your big day.

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