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5 Amazing Things a Family Can Do To Reduce Their Rubbish Removal

If you’re looking for a fun family project that will help you bond closer together, here’s a great one: “Reducing Rubbish Removal.” Getting every member of the family involved in this effort, from the youngest member to the oldest member, will ensure success because you’ll each be constantly encouraging each other! Reducing rubbish removal boils down to three important overriding principles:

– First, it involves keeping your rubbish out of landfills by using items longer, potentially even passing down items to younger members of your family or friends.

– Second, reducing your rubbish removal involves recycling, upcycling, refurbishing, and reusing as many of your old items that you clear as possible.

– Third, and this process is the most important, you want to reduce the rubbish you create in the first place so there’s less need for rubbish removal, i.e. you reduce the rubbish that even makes it to your dustbin or skip!

While this may sound like a daunting task at first, trust us in saying it’s quite easy to do once you get started! Below are five amazing ideas to get you started but we’re sure you and your family can come up with many more as well! Kids are particularly good at this type of activity so get them intimately involved and praise them for their worthy ideas! You will be setting a positive pattern for their entire life!

  1. SubstituteSpecial Outings ForPhysical Gifts

The average toy ends up in the landfill within three to six months! Even “grownup gifts” that stay in the home for years come wrapped in packaging that gets taken to the landfill almost right away. For kids, a trip to the zoo, a beach, a park, or a museum can mean more than any tangible gift you could give them. Let them take a friend or two along and this magnifies the fun even more. For adults, a special night out to hear a live music performance or a mystery date full of nostalgia and surprise would make a nice substitute for a physical gift.

  1. Plant a Family Vegetable Garden

Planting a garden will greatly reduce the rubbish you create because there’s no packing. Further, you’ll end up wasting far less because you can harvest what you need when you need it rather than storing it in your refrigerator where it often goes bad before you eat it. Nothing tastes better and is more wholesome than vegetables and fruits you harvest from your own garden only minutes before you eat them! Furthermore, you can store away some of your vegetables and dried herbs in reusable containers, bringing a healthy dose of summertime to your winter meals! If you have space, consider planting fruit trees, berry bushes, and berry vines as well. You can enjoy some of these fruits fresh, turn some into preserves, and even use some of the bounty to barter for other items you may need such as fresh eggs. You’ll also save a great deal on your grocery bill too, especially if you plant expensive vegetables like herbs.

  1. Maintain a Compost Pile

According to C B Environmental Ltd, more than eighty percent of the items found in UK dustbins could either be composted or recycled. Food and paper are both major components of the rubbish we throw out and both can be easily composted, separately or together. For food items, you can include all vegetable scraps, coffee groups (including the filter), tea (including tea bags). However, you should exclude meat and dairy products as these go rancid quickly and will attract pests to your yard. You can also include your yard waste such as grass clippings, fallen dead leaves, weeds you pull from your garden, and branches you trim. You can then use this rich compost in your own garden and even as potting soil for plant starts you give to your neighbors and friends.

  1. Buy Used Clothes and Less Clothes

According to WRAP, The Waste and Resources Action Programme, a UK charity, about 350,000 tonnes of old clothing heads to the UK landfills every year! This is about £140 million pounds worth of clothing and most of it is still usable! There has been a concerted drive by WRAP and other charitable organizations to divert more of this used clothing from the landfill and make it available for purchase in charity shops and resale shops. If your family makes a commitment to buy used clothing, you will be helping to increase demand for used clothes which will put more demand on keeping used clothes out of landfills! WRAP also points out that about thirty percent of the clothing found in UK households hasn’t been worn for more than a year. This means people are simply buying more than they need. Thus, you can also strive to buy fewer clothes and select clothing that you’re sure you’ll wear and will last a long time.

  1. Call Clearabee For All Your Rubbish Removal Needs

We realize that no matter how hard you try to reduce your rubbish, you’ll still produce some rubbish. You can minimize your ecological footprint for this rubbish by working with a rubbish removal company that will make an earnest effort to recycle and reuse as much of your rubbish as possible. Clearabee makes a special effort to take the rubbish they collect to places that will recycle and reuse as much as possible. They have a far better record than any of the councils, achieving a recycle and reuse rate of ninety percent overall! They are an “on demand” service so you just call them when you need them. In most cases, they can clear your rubbish the same day you call!

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