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4 mistakes to avoid when looking for a house for sale in Trivandrum

Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital of the state of Kerala. Are you planning to buy a house in Trivandrum? Here are four mistakes that you must avoid when you plan to purchase a house in Trivandrum.

Trivandrum is the IT hub of India and contributes to over 80% of total software exports from India. This IT hub is the home to thousands of software engineers and IT experts that come into Trivandrum on a daily basis. Trivandrum is a beautiful city with numerous beaches, and its terrain of low coastal hills makes for a breath-taking view. However, when buying a house in Trivandrum, here are five mistakes that you should surely avoid making:

  • Make sure your builder has all the right papers and permissions

Builders often try to sell their property before it is constructed to cut margins and increase their profits. This practice is okay only as long as your builder has the right papers for your building. Before buying a property of the ‘under construction’ kind, you need to ensure that your builder has the proper ‘Land Ownership Documents.’ to avoid any legal problems in the future.

Apart from this, ensure that your builder also has the approvals from the local Trivandrum governing body, the Pollution Control Board, Fire, and Rescue Department, Building permits, etc. You also need to make sure that your building has a Fire NOC to help you avoid legal troubles in case of a fire in the future. Make sure you do not miss on this when you are buying a house for sale in Trivandrum.

  • Avoid buying a new home based on a sample flat

Sample Flats are marketing ploys used by builders to sell under construction apartments to their customers. Avoid buying your new home based on a sample flat as most of them are exaggerated versions of the real thing. They are decorated and fitted with high-quality fixtures that are aimed to attract customers. Ensure and enquire about things like property ownership, hand over time, permissions and delivery date, before investing in a house based on a sample flat.

  • Avoid Choosing a Poor Location

A poor location is not a place that is far from basic amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, etc. A poor location is determined by taking into account various factors like crime rate, traffic, power supply, etc. If you find a house that is perfect for you, at a perfect distance from your office and school, then you might be inclined to buy It right away. But you need to check for power cuts, quality of water, traffic, crime rate, etc. These factors will determine your lifestyle as well as the resale value of your house in the future.

Hence make sure you do not choose a poor location when buying your apartment.

  • Avoid being impatient

 Most important aspect of buying a new home is keeping your patience. You will have to visit numerous properties; you will have to inspect and recheck before you even consider buying anything. Thus, make sure that you do not lose your patience during this process. If you have found your dream home under construction, then be patient and wait for it instead of opting for some other construction.

Trust in builders and not amenities offered, this way you will be able to get the property of your choice from the builder that you trust. Hence it’s important that you do not lose your patience while searching for a house in Trivandrum.

Thus, when you are trying to get yourself a place to stay in Trivandrum, make sure you adhere to most of the points mentioned above and keep them in mind. Property rates rise and fall every day, and it becomes important for you to be aware of the standard practices of the industry before venturing out to buy a new house in Trivandrum.

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