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10 Signs Your Organization Needs a CMMS System

A computerized maintenance management system is a software designed to take drudgery off the task of scheduling maintenance, handling work order, keeping track of spare parts inventory, and maintaining a database of all maintenance administrative functions in one place. As a facility or maintenance manager you may be wondering how to know when purchasing a CMMS system is right for your organization.

In this article, we’ve compiled 10 tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to deploy a computerized maintenance management system for your organization. Alright, let’s dive in:

You Realize Your Needs Have Changed

One day it just hit you that your present maintenance system – whether its manual paperwork, a self-developed database, or a spreadsheet has become inadequate to properly handle your maintenance data needs. You realize it’s not working and you need something offering more robust features and capability. This is a good sign your organization is ready for a CMMS.

Pulling out Information for Machinery Becomes Hard

If you notice it’s becoming increasingly difficult to conveniently answer these questions: “how many times has Equipment ‘A’ broke down over the past year?” “How much money have we invested in repairing machine ‘B’?” then it’s time to consider deploying a computerized maintenance management system to ease the process of accessing the information

If You Found Your Maintenance Team Being Reactive

A good sign that your organization needs a CMMS system is when your maintenance department is constantly fighting to repair one equipment or the other, and they don’t get to have time to do maintenance proper. A CMMS well implemented is all you need to get your team preforming their core duty – which is maintenance.

Your Organization is Growing

With growing organizations come the need to manage more personnel, track more work orders, stay updated with growing number of inventories and a host of other additions that you would have easily done when you were just a team of two. Computerized maintenance management software provides you with tools to easily manage your growing database without breaking a sweat

Delays Due To Unavailability of Parts

When you notice work orders being delayed, your maintenance team stranded and waiting for spare parts to arrive. Then it is another signal your organization needs a CMMS to manage inventory. Most CMMS package in the market come with inventory management features that facility managers can use to keep track of spare parts ensuring the availability of critical parts when needed.

Cumbersome Labor Tracking and Scheduling

For a maintenance unit of more than two persons it could be quite a task tracking and scheduling labor. This could even get more complicated for a growing maintenance department. For example, forklifts require maintenance schedules on a monthly, quarterly and semi annual basis.  Implementing a CMMS system can greatly improve labor utilization, monitoring staff responsiveness, labor costs, and scheduling.

Final Thoughts

CMMS systems are great tools to improve the efficiency of your maintenance department, increase productivity and minimize waste. But it should be noted they’re not magical solutions that will solve your maintenance issues, but, they act as reminder to what needs to be done.

As your organizational needs evolve it is important also to acquire the right tools – CMMS that can adequately handle the new challenges.

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